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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Degrees and Courses

The bachelor’s degree program in Mathematics allows the student considerable flexibility in choosing courses in consultation with an advisor. The program requires basic courses in algebra, analysis, calculus, linear algebra, and probability and statistics, together with several more advanced courses in these or other areas. These more advanced courses can be chosen to suit the student’s particular interests in various areas of pure and applied mathematics. This degree is designed to prepare the student either for more advanced study in mathematics itself, or for careers in any of the increasingly wide variety of areas where mathematical tools and thinking play an essential role. In addition to mastering specific mathematical content, mathematics majors develop excellent general skills in problem solving and precise analytical thinking.

Students pursuing the Mathematics BS may choose an area of emphasis in Secondary Education. The option of emphasis in Secondary Education prepares students to teach mathematics in grade 6-12. It combines a broad background in mathematics with a firm foundation in educational theory and methodology. Students completing this emphasis must complete all requirements associated with the IDoTeach program.