September 20, 2019


Who can join:

We are building a community of researchers, students, teachers, industry and government entities to foster collaboration among, and training of, individuals in the application of mathematics, statistics, computational sciences, and social sciences to the geosciences.

How do you join:

Complete the membership form (takes about 5 minutes).  Membership is free!

Benefits of joining:

  • Keep up to date with recent scientific challenges and societally relevant problems related to our planetary environment.

  • Be part of a forum through which key challenges that confront the geosciences can be communicated and major areas of rapid development in mathematics, statistics and computer science can be promoted that offer the potential for significant advances in meeting these challenges.

  • Search our database of individuals with specific expertise required for a project.

  • Receive and post notifications of upcoming events and funding opportunities related to CMG themes.

  • Network with scientists and researchers in academia and industry on employment opportunities.

  • We anticipate more resources will be available as the consortium grows.


Success and sustainability of CMG++ requires active engagement from individuals in geosciences, mathematics, statistics, computational sciences, and public policy.  If you are interested serving on an advisory board or committee please contact us directly.