May 29, 2020

Summer school

Each Summer we anticipate hosting a Grand Challenge Summer School for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.

These Summer Schools will be run similar to an Ideas Labs made popular by the NSF. During the two week School, participants will come together in a creative, free-thinking environment and immerse themselves under the direction of experts in a collaborative process around the selected Grand Challenge.  Central to to this process is the preparation of interdisciplinary proposals by teams of participants that focuses on some aspect of the grand challenge.  Participants will receive scientific training on an important problem, attend writing workshops, and learn how to be successful in interdisciplinary work.

For the 2014 inaugural year, the theme will be “Natural Hazards”.  In future years we will solicit the community for input to determine the most recent societally relevant scientific challenge.

Please check back soon for more information on topic, structure, and funding opportunities.