May 29, 2020


Get involved

Collaboration with other Consortium members can occur through various activities:

  • Community of interest.  A discussion forum on particular topics that are of interest to the CMG++ members.
  • Working group.  A group of geographically disbursed members formed around a discrete task that calls for collaboration, such as researching an important problem, developing code, or drafting a report.  Group members meet regularly through Skype or other telecommunication technology.
  • Committee.  Active engagement from members on committees such as membership, sustainability, funding opportunities, meetings and summer school will help facilitate the success and sustainability of the Consortium.
  • Advisory Board.  The advisory board supplies strategic direction to the Consortium.  It should have a broad range of members throughout disciplines, and include people in academia, industry and government.

Please contact us if you would like to join or form any of these activities.