May 29, 2020

CMG++ Event: “Porosity Waves, High-Performance Computing, and Geophysics”

50th Birthday Symposium and Celebration for Yuri Podladchikov July 24-27 in Lausanne, Switzerland. See for more information.

CMG++ at SIAM Annual Meeting

“Mathematical Challenges in the Geosciences”, Wednesday, July 9, 4-6pm at Palmer House in Chicago. A minisymposium covering topics in geodynamics, climate, and natural disasters in the context of current mathematical techniques, and challenges that prevent the science from moving forward.

Summer School 2015

Due to funding and time restrictions, we will postpone our first Sun Valley Summer School to 2015.

IMA Hot Topics Workshop

We are hosting a Hot Topics Workshop at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications on the Impact of Waves Along Coastlines, October 14-17, 2014. Please contact us if you would like to participate.



  • Interdisciplinary Research in Hazards and Disasters (Hazards SEES)
  • Research Coordination Networks (RCN-SEES)