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Abstracts & Participants

Use the link below to submit an abstract via the Topology Atlas. Submissions received by April 24 may be included in the AAAS-PD meeting booklet. Plenary talks are 50 minutes, all other talks are 25 minutes.

Plenary speakers

  • Dana Bartosova (University of Florida)
  • Steve Jackson (University of North Texas)
  • Reese Johnston (University of Washington Robinson Center)
  • Assaf Shani (UCLA)
  • Piotr Szewczak (Cardinal Stefan WyszyƄski University, Warsaw)

Additional speakers include

  • Shehzad Ahmed (Ohio University)
  • William Chan (University of North Texas)
  • Gianni Krakoff (Boise State University)
  • Randall Holmes (Boise State University)
  • Ivan Ongay-Valverde (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Marion Scheepers (Boise State University)
  • Forte Shinko (Caltech)
  • Morgan Sinclaire (Boise State University)
  • … more coming soon!

View slides here