Advanced Calculus


10:30 - 11:45 am M,W,F MB 124

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Writing intensive Examinations:

This is a advanced undergraduate/graduate class. You are expected to continue to develop as an independent, intellectually honest scholar. One of the learning outcomes of the course is to write clearly for specific purposes and audiences. This specific outcome will be fostered through the standards I will apply to your written work (homework assignments, examination, final paper). A problem solution is an expository work which explains in full detail, step-by-step, to anyone with access to the lectures and textbooks of this course how to obtain a solution to the problem. Note that if you were to find that a problem is not well-defined, or requires proving a statement that is false, you are expected to point this out in your work on the problem, providing the details that substantiate your findings.

Content requirements for writing intensive tests/exams:
a. The exposition of a solution must contain appropriate prose.
b. The exposition of a solution must, where appropriate, identify the mathematical steps taken, in logical order.
c. The exposition of a solution must properly reference the mathematical facts.  

Format requirements for take-home parts of writing intensive tests/exams:
a. Your hand-in should be a typewritten document with at least 11 point font and margins of at least 1 inch on each side. Handwritten documents will not be accepted for grading. It is required that you use the LaTeX typesetting program.
b. The upper left-hand corner of the cover page of a typewritten document must contain in this order:
     Your name
     The nature of the exam (midterm or final)
     The due date of the exam
c. A multiple page document must be stapled in the top left corner.
d. The problems must be presented in the order they are assigned.
e. Each problem solution must begin with the full statement of the original problem.
f. There must be a visible separation between problems.

Specific requirements for writing intensive tests/exams:
The nature of some of the problems may induce additional content and format requirements specific to that problem. For these problems the additional specific requirements will be stated with the problem.

Multiple Choice Examinations:

Another learning outcome of the course is to apply mathematical reasoning to determine which alternative among mathematical statements is true. This specific outcome will be fostered through in-class clicker questions as well as a multiple choice final exam. An effective method for preparing for such exams is to constantly practice your mathematical reasoning skills, to work out examples to help solidify the content and reach of mathematical concepts and mathematical facts, to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts, methods and facts. This can be practiced by study, focus, attention and participation in class, carefully working on assigned homework problems, and especially by engaging in mathematical analysis of concepts and material with your classmates.

1) No late hand ins will be accepted. Hand in on time, or take a zero for the test.
2) Hand ins not meeting ALL the format and specific requirements above will not be graded. Instead a zero will be recorded for the hand-in.

Midterm Examination - Posted 7:45 p.m., October 19. Due 10:30 a.m. on Monday, October 23, 2017.