Math 433/533, Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Spring 2017, Class Announcements Page


Welcome to the class. You should expect to find homework assignments and other important class announcements and links to class resources on this page. You should be in the habit of checking this page regularly; I will not necessarily say much about homework assignments in class -- this is the official place to find out about them!

I will generally add new material near the top of the page: a few items may always remain at the top.

Office Hours and other schedule information

My office hours are stated on my office door card (which is also attached to my office door), which also includes the times of my classes and seminars. I am thinking of typically coming in late on Mondays and leaving early Wednesdays and Fridays: at times when I am working at home, e-mail will reach me.

Test II

Test II will occur on Thursday, March 30th (the Thursday after the break, sorry about writing April 6th earlier...). Test III (which will not be cumulative but will contain makeup opportunities) will occur during the final examination period. Test II will cover all material covered before Spring Break. I will provide review material making it clear what sorts of things I intend to ask about either late this week or during the break.

I will have to do some creative work to come up with test questions that work for you, and I will do my best to make sure that they do not come as a surprise!

Here is the review sheet (just an outline of topics as I enter it at noon 3/17/2017: I am planning to add worked examples and sample problems over the break: as of Monday 3/27 I have added some examples, some with solutions).

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Week 8

Week 7

Week Five

Week Three

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