Class Announcements Page for Math 187, Foundational and Discrete Math, Spring 2018

Welcome to the class

This is where homework assignments and other class resources will be posted and class announcements will be made. The most recent material will generally appear on top, except perhaps for a couple of commonly used resources. Here is the course syllabus, to start off with. See you on Monday!

  • General Information and office hours: My office is Mathematics 240A. My office telephone number is 426-3011. I am teaching Math 187 and Math 406 in Spring 2018. My classes are M187 9--9:50 MWF, M406 10:30--11:45 WF. I have the regular weekly PBC meeting 2-3 Tuesday, logic seminar 3-4 Tuesday. I am proposing to have an office hour wih my prospective graduate student 2-3 PM Monday, class office hours MWF 3-4 pm and TTh 10-11 am. At other times MWF from about 8:30 am until about 5 pm I'm very possibly to be found in my office. TTh I do not know what my routine will be (but I will be in in the morning since I have declared office hours then).

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