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Cryptology Seminar, Fall 2009

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Fall 2009 meets on Tuesdays in the Math/Geo building, room 120, 2:40 – 3:30

September 11
Organizational meeting

September 18

Group discussion about the complexity of the conjugacy problem

September 25
Jens Harlander
, Different representations of elements of Sn to the same element of Bn

October 2
Jens Harlander, Lifting from Sn to Bn

October 9
Marion Scheepers,Further remarks about NP-completeness

October 16
Marion Scheepers, The knap-sack problem and Cryptography

November 6
Jens Harlander,Computational problems: Decision problems and Search problems

October 23
Jens Harlander, Generic case complexity of algorithms and problems

November 13
Jens Harlander, Complexity of the Post Correspondence Problem problem

November 20
Jens Harlander,Complexity of the 3-Satisfiability problem

December 4
Jens Harlander,Complexity of the Halting problem