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Hours and Location


NOTE: We are closed on holidays. 

The Math Learning Center is located in MB 121.  Stop by with any questions regarding your math courses. The Math Learning Center office is open 9am-4pm Monday through Friday. However it isn’t uncommon to find a staff member available as early as 7:30am or as late as 6pm on weekdays. We even wander in on the weekends occasionally, so if the door is open, feel free to stop in.

The Math learning Center is running tutoring for Math 015, 025,108,123,143, 144, 160, 170, and 175. Please read down the page to find the tutoring room which corresponds to your class.

Tutor Lab Hours

Fall and Spring









For Summer

Times:  Monday – Thursday, 11 am – 6 pm


       Math 25,108,143, & 144 –  in MB 120

       Math 160, 170, & 175 – in MB 118

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