Janae and Random Response Surveys (again)

I’m still very interested in  lab and the practical application possible for this topic. Again, this lab has the reader explore how to get accurate data from a survey and how to evaluate that data, specifically focusing on percentage of error and predicting results.

Another important, actually probably the most important, mathematical term introduced in this lab is randomized response. This  is a research method used in structured survey interview. This method allows respondents to respond to sensitive issues while maintaining confidentiality. Chance decides, unknown to the interviewer, whether the question is to be answered truthfully, or “yes”, regardless of the truth.

A question I’m particularly curious about involves finding a formula to estimate the proportion of the true “yes” answers. 

Using math formulas in such a practical way and trying to apply logic and structure to the chaos that is human response and just human interaction is very intriguing to me.