HW: Getting started with WordPress

In the next lab, you will be asked to submit your work in a series of blog posts on this site. Today, you are asked to get comfortable with the WordPress system and to practice creating a post.

In-class assignment

  1. Sign in.
    • Visit the dashboard by clicking either Login or Site Admin in the lower-right corner.
    • Sign in using your Boise State username and password.
  2. Create a new post introducing yourself. For fun, include answers to the following questions:
    • What is currently your favorite sub-subject within mathematics?
    • Where can we find an article about that subject? (You can use Wikipedia for this.)
    • What is an equation used in the subject? This version of WordPress has $\LaTeX$ features, so you can put your equation in between $ signs.
  3. Wait, you’re not done!
    • Give the post one or more meaningful tags.
    • Put the post in the category Introductions.
  4. Now that you have completed your own post, find a post written by one of your classmates and write a comment on it. Make your response meaningful by doing one or more of the following:
    • Contribute an additional factoid;
    • Ask a question about the post; or
    • Say why you think the post is interesting.

Homework due Wednesday

Your mission is to start browsing through the remaining labs in the textbook. Eventually you will have to choose two of them to work on. For now, simply select one lab to write about on the blog. Don’t worry, you won’t be locked into this choice!

  1. Once you have chosen a lab to write about, create a post with the following information:
    • What is the lab generally about?
    • What is the name (and if possible definition) of an important mathematical term introduced in this lab?
    • What is an example of a question tackled in this lab?
    • What if anything drew you to write about this particular one?
  2. Give the post one more more meaningful tags.
  3. Give the post the category Lab Previews.
  4. When you are done, write a comment on somebody else’s Lab Preview! (And follow the above guidelines for commenting.)

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