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College of Business & Economics Requirements


Update, November 2016

The minimum required course path for students in the College of Business and Economics is:

MATH 143 -> MATH 160

However, proficiency in high school algebra, as measured by a score of at least 61 on the Algebra part of the Compass exam, or at least the 70th percentile on either ACT or SAT (23 or 540) math, or MATH 108, is required for entry into MATH 143 and thus some students who are weak in algebra may do:

MATH 108 -> MATH 143 -> MATH 160


MATH 25 -> MATH 108 -> MATH 143 -> MATH 160

The College of Business and Economics also permits its students to take:

MATH 147 -> MATH 170 or MATH 147 -> MATH 160

Note that MATH 147 contains exactly the same content as MATH 143 and MATH 144 combined.

Also note that MATH 108, Intermediate Algebra, is not and never will be a disciplinary lens course. Thus, students shouldnot be advised to take it in order to “fulfill the MATH DLM requirement.” MATH 108 should only be taken by students who do not place into required MATH courses.